The people behind people&co. people&co. isn’t the name our business was born with. It’s our new brand. You probably already know us, because we’ve got a long track record in Search, Recruitment and specialist HR solutions. Since 2004 in fact. So we have a very deep knowledge of the Wellington market. The secret, (and it’s no secret) to our success as a leading Search, Recruitment and HR services business is having an interest in people. That means understanding their skills, aspirations and strengths. As for the ‘&co’ part, that’s all about the importance we place on relationships. Forming strong partnerships, collaborating and generally working together with others is how we get things done. We add value in a whole range of people focused areas which we'd love to talk over with you. We’re also on the All-of-Government (AOG) external recruitment panel and we’ve helped build great teams in the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors. Let’s get together soon.
Warren & Michele
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