What makes people&co. successful in the business world? Our ability to astutely match individuals' strengths to employers' needs. So for candidates, the better you are at communicating your strengths - both on paper and in person - the better your chances of securing a rewarding position.

The obvious first step is to compose a compelling CV, but presenting yourself positively throughout the interview process and being prepared for such things as psychometric testing are just as important. With this in mind, we've compiled some tips you may find helpful when interacting with potential employers. And remember, each employer is different so we encourage you to refer regularly to the links below and tailor how you present yourself accordingly.

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About Wellington

New Zealand Immigration

This site has been designed to answer all your questions on migrating to New Zealand.

New Zealand Tourism Online

The gateway to New Zealand tourism, travel and holiday sites.

On Arrival New Zealand

On Arrival is designed to help make your move to New Zealand as easy and stress-free as possible.

Stuff Website

Stuff is New Zealand's leading news website.

Wellington, New Zealand

This is the complete guide to Wellington, from accommodation, restaurants and shops to sights and activities, transport and maps.